Tee Store

This is no longer current, but we are leaving this page up as a record.

We have set up a Tee store at Print Mighty. These Tees, obviously, are ordered, made and shipped through that external completely independent store. The items cost $32 not counting shipping and handling, and the Prochoice Highway/ALRANZ gets $4.50 on each product. We contacted Print Mighty’s Tee supplier, AS Colour, who outlined to us in an email message how their company is committed to ethical work practices in terms of their workers.

We thought we’d include a gallery here so you can take a closer look at the designs, which were made by Zenaida, and we are working on adding a couple more designs.  Just click on one of the images below to enlarge, and scroll through the gallery.   Contact us if you have any issues (well, other than ones that relate directly to Print Mighty, that is.)

Recycled Tees

Here’s the first batch of Tees from the recycled Tees project. There’s a blog post about them here that also shows a bit of a close-up of the logo we used and gives some background about the project. $20 a piece on the road, or $20 plus shipping from the site. If you’re interested in anything, let the Highway know and we can send close-ups and more detail. All the Tees are good quality and were commercially washed before screen-printing.

Here’s the order page.



Tees From Friends

Our friends in New South Wales, at the Women’s Abortion Action Campaign, dug out some historic tees and sent them to us. One of a kind; let us know if you’re interested in one to support the Highway. $20! Here’s a gallery, but just a note — they don’t really have that yellow-looking top part; that’s just appalling fashion photography! Click on any of the thumbnails for a closer look.