(We still have some of these as of 2015.)

Click on any poster to start the slide show  to see four posters the Highway has available. (We’re working on a fifth!)

The posters are crisp and bright, (a bit blurry here to enable easier/quicker Web loading) A3 size (that’s around 30 cm by 42 cm) on either stiff card (200  gsm paper weight, for those in the know about these things) or lighter 150 gsm (easier to post and paste up!). These cost around $1 each to print. But we can provide them free, except for packing and shipping, whichis around $10 to $15 for tube and postage.

If you want a closer look at the ‘message’ poster, click here for a pdf.

Historical Posters: We have a range of historical posters, and we’ll be adding images to the gallery soon. But these include “Love Is…Having Children by Choice Not Chance”, historical ALRANZ posters “Keep Abortion Safe and Legal” and the yellow WONAAC posters “Get It On to Get It Off” (Yes, those do depict a cartoon penis putting on a condom.)

Here’s the order page.