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Nearly all of these materials have sold out or been given away. We are leaving this up as a record.

Please fill in the form below to request some of the Highway’s stuff: postcards, badges and stickers, posters, books

For most of this stuff, we’d just like to cover postage, so whatever koha works for you work for us. That’s except for the books and calendar! Details below on how much the items cost to make.

Postcards: These cost 30 cents each to make, and we have lots. So order away! Oh, we’re out of these. Sorry

Badges: These cost $1.20 each to make. (We have a limited number of historic “Repeal!” and “Support Safe Legal Abortion” badges, too.)

Stickers: These cost 33 cents each to make. (None left.)

Posters: These cost around $1 to print, but we will provide them free. If they’re being mailed to you, that would be about  $10 -$15 for the packing (a tube) and postage. (As of 2015, we still have a few of these.)

Tees: We now have an online store at Print Mighty where Tees and tote bags are $32 and you can order them there: we get $4.50 on each sale. (Close-ups of the designs are here.) Or, we have a limited number of recycled Tees for $20 plus shipping and handling. Order them on this page.

Calendar: $15 each. (We’re not adding anything on for postage.) (All gone!)

Books: The prices are listed on the books page.

Payment Options

Internet Banking:
Account Name and Number: Prochoice Highway 01-0373-0107441-00

Send a cheque made out to “Prochoice Highway” to:
Prochoice Highway, PO Box 5134, Mt. Maunganui, 3150