Givealittle: A New Way to Donate

ALRANZ (and the Prochoice Highway) are now on Givealittle, the Telecom Foundation funded giving site that makes it a bit easier to donate, if you have a credit card that is. Through 2013, money donated to ALRANZ via Givealittle will go to support the Highway. (If you want to direct your donation elsewhere, just let ALRANZ know.)

If you prefer a cheque or Internet banking, details are here.

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Fighting to Choose

By Alison McCulloch

Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand (Victoria University Press, May 2013) is the result of five years of research aimed at investigating how New Zealand ended up with conservative and widely scorned abortion laws that satisfy neither side of the endlessly contentious abortion rights struggle.

I take a feminist pro-choice perspective throughout the book which sets out to answer two questions, which guided both the research and the writing.

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