Body Politics 2014 Calendar

Yes, the Calendars are all gone (and out of date now). We are keeping this up as a record. 

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More details about the calendar are below.


Finished calendar dimensions are 20 cm x 21 cm when closed (smaller than A4); 20 cm x 42 cm when open. Beautiful  and compact design by Zenaida. 

The 2014 Body Politics Calendar takes a look at some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s historical reproductive justice struggles, from abortion rights to contraception access to LGBTQI struggles to violence against women, to nurses fighting for their rights.

As well as great images and graphics, the calendar includes brief historical details as well as information pages containing contact details for helping and info agencies and sites, for example, ALRANZ, Family Planning, Women’s Health Action Trust, LGBTQI links, help lines, Women’s Refuge, Rape Crisis and others. There is also some info about the law surrounding sexual and gender issues, contraception, abortion and sterilisation and patients’ rights.