The Most Responsibly Sourced Tees Around

The first batch of recycled Tees have been screenprinted, using the logo above. We got 14 donated Tees. Yeah, a bit shy of the hoped-for 50, but it was a good experiment and we’ll see how these go on the stall and the site. Here they are: More info below the pix.



The concept definitely works, it’s just a matter of making it easier for people to donate/ship plain Tees. Hmmmm.

We used the above one-colour logo for this batch  mainly to save money on setting up the screen. Production cost around $15 a piece, so we’ll be trying to sell them for $20 (on the stall) or $20 plus postage from the site. They were commercially washed before screen printing.

We’re looking at setting up an online store somewhere with a variety of logos (ideas welcome), but have been trying to make sure new Tees are responsibly sourced. (And, hey, no Tee will be as responsibly sourced as these ones.)

If you’re interested in anything you see,  drop the Highway a line and we can give you a bit more info about size, quality etc. along with a close-up photo. We’re pretty pleased at how they came out. Fashion fotography fail notwithstanding.

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