Good Links Please

Do you know of good links to helping/info sites around reproductive justice issues in Aotearoa New Zealand for the info page in our 2014 Body Politics Calendar? If so, there’s a form here. If you want a bit more background on this, it’s below the form:

A Bit More Background

The push is on to get all the Highway stuff together in the next month ready for lift-off in September. We’re working on a poster with some positive messaging to accompany the needle/potion/hanger series discussed in the post before this one. Also, the Body Politics Calendar is coming together nicely but we need your help.

The calendar will include an info page, with some basic information about patients’ rights, the law around repro rights issues and links to useful info or helping agencies. There are the kind of obvious and necessary ones like Family Planning, Refuges, Rape Crisis, and helplines, but because the calendar — and the Highway — aren’t just about abortion, but trying to broaden out and encompass reproductive justice issues, we’d like to include some links or info (within space constraints) about issues that intersect: race,  sexuality, gender identity, disability rights, parenting — and more.

This is a Prochoice(!) project, so we’re not going to include stuff that’s anti-choice or shaming/stigmatising around these issues; and the links/info/sites would need to be  robust and reliable with solid moderation and ideally in for the long haul. For example, some blogs might be iffy just in case nasty comments ended up on some thread on some site we linked to farther down the track. (This being on old-fashioned paper means we wouldn’t be able to change it or provide trigger warnings.)

So if you have any ideas, please fill in the form and let us know. Ngā mihi maioha.


And, that support thing we add on all the posts now: Here’s how you can Support the Highway.

The calendar will be available at the Highway stall, or you can order copies at the order page for delivery in September.

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